A Note from Roy

Roy is a pen pal of mine, He like to share his thoughts with you about God, and what God does in his life. Roy is in prison with a life sentence.

A note from one of my pen pals Roy:

A note from Roy:
Love is two edged sword. To be able to trully experience love we must trust. To trust we must lower our "guards"we hae places around our heart so we won't get hurt and disappointed. Then and only then can we experience that spine tingling feeling true love brings. But by lowering our guards we open ourselves to hurt and no one wants to be hurt. But i know of one love we can freely open our hearts to with no worry of hurt and that is GOD'S love (John 3:16) And to receive the internal love all we must do is believe that Jesus died for our sins and was raised after three days. Follow GOD'S loves and turn from our wicked ways. Read 1 Cor 13:13
God bless you, Roy .

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