Be A Winner Review in English


Be A Winner

Written by: Francisca Payne.

This book is clearly written on how to be a winner in your daily life, with your dreams and as a woman. It reads, even though it is written in English, very easy because of the clear and short chapters, each ending with a little exercise….(which I'm going to make!)

The book is very practical and gives you the courage to go for a goal in your life. The beauty of the book, I think, is that Francisca keeps it real with clear practical guidelines to achieve a goal. It also made me think of the Proverbs 31 woman. You can achieve anything you want in your life, it just all starts with You. You are the one who must make the change. When you work together with God you will be exactly how HE meant it, a Winner!

Looking at the point where you are in your life and looking back at how you started, was a real eye-opener for me. Also that no matter how your past was there always is room for a new start in your life! And the forgiveness from God, when you have not done it the way He wanted you to do it.

The book includes a nice personal piece of Francisca herself: a vision of how God sees us!

This book is highly recommended, if you want to change things in your life and do not know how. This book gives you the tools and a vision for every woman.

Be A Winner.

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