Doodle door de Bijbel

Een lieve dame in USA maakt een doodle van ieder hoofdstuk dat we lezen met GMG.

Echt super leuk, nu is zij zo lief om het aan te bieden als een gekleurde versie of als een kleurplaat versie. Die je gratis voor eigen gebruik mag printen.

Ik ben gister avond hier mee bezig geweest toen ik met 2 lieve zussen van de kerk ging doodle.

Het is zo leuk om zo bezig te zijn.

Fijne dag gewenst.

Blijf dichtbij je Maker.

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Unknown zei

Eve! I absolutely love this! You just made my day! Thank you so much for sharing these :) Beautifully done!



Unknown zei

Hi Eve! I wanted to let you know I am trying something new on my blog. I hope it is ok that I used your post as a test. I made a way to link the pictures you colored. It would only let me link one of them because they are both in the same blog post and it won't allow me to use the same address twice. I am not sure if I can fix that or not but I will try to figure it out. If you end up with any others that you would like to link back to your site you should be able to do it yourself from the Link Party blog entry :) Thank you again for everything!

knorretje57 zei

prachtig Ik ga hier ook mee aan de slag, ben met mijn 58 jaar (hihihi) nog maar een beginnende kleurder. maar zo ben je nog meer met de tekst bezig

Unknown zei

Hi Eve! Here is a comment that was posted back on the linky blogpost. I just wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it so I copied and pasted it here for you:

"PeabeaJune 22, 2015 at 6:29 AM

I visited Eve but there was no comment box that I could find. She has a great site. Even though I'm on Blogger with my writing blog, for some reason...Blogger just doesn't cooperate with me on some of their blogs and won't let me leave a comment, but others do. Just wanted her to know I did visit in case she stops back here to see any comments. "

LookAroundTheCorner zei

Odd huh cause you also can add a comment it is that i have to aprove a comment. So that might be it. But it work as you can see. :)